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Whether you own a small or large business, there are essential accounting elements to address in the operation. While you could attempt the tasks yourself, it’s a complicated process that a business accountant in Melbourne can tackle with ease by employing the skills, knowledge, and experience we’ve gained through the years. Oke Financial Services has a team of professionals that can assist with your accounting and bookkeeping requirements.

Problems that a business accountant in addresses

Accountants offer a valuable service to businesses regardless of the size or industry. You could own a little art studio from your home or run a busy coffee shop with several employees and still require the services of an accountant to do more than merely crunch numbers. When you hire a professional accountant for business in Sydney, you can expect them to handle these tasks.

  • Starting a new business. While this is an exhilarating experience, it carries significant financial risk. Accountants assist in the administrative aspects of setting up the business, such as registering for GST and discussing financing options with reputable lenders. Additionally, a business accountant can provide revenue forecasts and potential operational expenses.
  • Tax compliance. If you’re a small business owner, you may be preparing your business activity statement (BAS), which results in the highly stressful situation of GST reporting. This is the ideal time to seek assistance from a reliable accountant. With the knowledge of the changing rules and regulations, a business accountant can advise you on the tax concessions you can benefit from, along with the steps to take to maximise your deductions before the end of the fiscal.
  • Financial control. If your revenue has steadily increased, but you’re struggling to enjoy a significant profit, your business debt may be beyond control. When an accountant inspects your financial reports and measures essential metrics, you’ll receive suitable advice to create efficiencies or reduce expenses. Furthermore, the accountant will assist with addressing your debt.

What to expect from Oke Financial Services as a business accountant

Our reputation as a leading accounting and bookkeeping company precedes us across the country. Apart from assisting businesses with their necessary accounting requirements, our professionals are available for individual services.

  • Every client that collaborates with us is important, and we ensure that you receive the best treatment possible. As a result, we’ve garnered exceptional retention rates, highlighting our commitment to excellent customer service.
  • In addition to accounting and bookkeeping services, we can sort out individual and business tax returns, GST/PAYG compliance, ABN/GST registration, records management and more.
  • Our team has the necessary accounting skills along with strong academic backgrounds to handle your problems. We offer specific advice for business owners who require urgent attention, especially if you’re new to the industry.


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