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We ensure fair and accurate property tax in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne

When it comes time to submit your property tax in Australia, turn to the people with the knowledge, experience, in-house backing, and network support to ensure an accurate and timeous return. For the past 15 years, Oke Financial Services has assisted individuals and companies with their tax requirements efficiently, providing a smooth tax period.

The benefits of hiring a property tax accountant

Whether your reason is to save money, or simply avoid the headache of tax returns, our savvy practitioners optimise your submissions, ensuring that you comply with current legislation for your property tax requirements.

  • Property tax brings with it complications and confusion, especially for first-time homeowners. Navigating your way through complex returns is time-consuming, where mistakes can often occur. Hiring a professional to complete your property tax in NSW can alleviate your stress and ensure accurate and timely submissions.
  • The chance of incorrect tax submissions significantly decreases when collaborating with an experienced tax practitioner. Constant procedural changes and upgrades could cause inexperienced individuals to provide late submissions and be subject to a fine. Our property tax accountant in Melbourne undergoes comprehensive training, keeping abreast of the current tax rules to reduce the chances of committing any errors in your submission.
  • If you have begun your property tax process, our helpful team can mitigate any misinformation or other tax filing issue should you have submitted an incorrect return. If you’re subjected to an audit during or after your tax submission, our team will come to your rescue by inspecting the query and drafting an adequate response plan to avoid any penalties.
  • Our availability is not only restricted to tax season. When you partner with a property tax accountant in Brisbane, you gain access to information regarding your tax status throughout the year. Our team has extensive experience in tax planning and preparation and can provide bespoke advice for your financial well-being. Our advice not only benefits you in making better monetary decisions but can also assist in your planning and budgeting for the year.

Our consultants act as a second set of eyes when submitting your return. We provide a hassle-free filing experience to lower your tax liability and offer necessary suggestions and support throughout the process.

What to consider when choosing a practitioner for property tax

Over the years, we have developed a checklist of what clients expect from us. The following are a few factors to consider ensuring a mutually beneficial outcome this tax season.


  • Just because a person holds the title of an accountant doesn’t mean they specialise in taxes. Business and individual tax regulations and processes are constantly changing, so ensure you hire a practitioner that specialises in all things taxes. Our knowledgeable team have extensive experience with the many faculties of tax and provide high-quality taxation services. Our involvement with individual property tax brings a high level of understanding to the table, enabling us to get your submission completed efficiently.
  • A tax practitioner should show interest in your requirements. Accountants who take a monotonous approach to every client will not provide the tailored advice and service that is so important to receive during your tax period. As each individual is different, everyone faces diverse challenges come tax season. A dedicated tax practitioner will show honest concern in your request and dig to understand your particular need. Our team works closely with you to fully comprehend your requirements and makes it an easier process for both of us.
  • Taxation involves much moving information between parties. With all the documents, forms, and deadlines, there is a host of information to track. Organisation and attention to detail are vital factors for a tax company to possess. Using our services ensures we manage the entire process, from the beginning to the end, and you can feel confident knowing that we are impeccably organised in our foolproof procedures and systems. Our transparent communication skills keep you informed, and we are always available to address any concerns you may have.

Why trust Oke Financial Services

For 15 years, we have assisted individuals and small businesses with all their accounting requirements. Our team keeps abreast of all financial matters, enabling us to provide influential guidance, ethical services, and tailor-made solutions for you or your company. Through our years of committed service, we have built trusted relationships with all clients providing each one with the comfort of our reputable offering. We aim to enhance the reliability of all data prepared for our clients so that banks and other stakeholders in this constantly evolving economic environment may use it.

Our hands-on approach, paired with the latest technology, allows us to engage with your property tax online as well as in-person. We guarantee privacy and integrity in our work and strive to provide true and fair services to you. If you would like to learn more about what we offer, contact our offices.


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