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Business owners aren’t entirely aware of the regulations to follow when operating a business. You have to establish elements such as registering for GST and submitting tax returns annually. To ensure you remain compliant and within the realms of the law, it’s essential to recruit a company that provides bookkeeping in Brisbane. Oke Financial Services provides this service, amongst others.

Benefits of hiring a bookkeeping professional

According to a recent survey, only 30 percent of small businesses partner with a professional accountant. It’s not a surprise when you consider the fact that every dollar is critical. While it’s not uncommon for business owners to attempt bookkeeping in Sydney, it’s advisable to hire a competent firm to handle your affairs.


  • As the adage goes – time equals money. It’s a statement that is especially true for business owners. With several time-consuming tasks before you, it’s difficult to manage them while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Accounting tasks such as bookkeeping, tax returns and setting financial targets absorb time you simply don’t have. If you want to remain competitive while moving forward with the expansion, you require an accountant to handle your finances.
  • Becoming an accountant requires several years of study, which highlights the complexity of the profession. While some tasks appear straightforward, the majority of accounting elements are complex. Making accounting errors can cost you thousands of dollars that can be detrimental to a small enterprise. For this reason, you should engage with a professional for small-business bookkeeping in Melbourne.
  • An accountant’s primary role is to keep close tabs on the financials of a business. As such, they’re more likely to identify irregularities than business owners. You may dedicate your energy to creating new business relationships and obtaining revenue so much that you can miss financial drains. However, when you hire a pro, they will ensure there aren’t anomalies with your expenses and keep costs down.

Questions to ask Oke Financial Services regarding bookkeeping

Before selecting the accounting firm you collaborate with, consider asking them these pertinent questions to determine if they’re the right fit and to maximise the partnership.

  • Ask about what you can do to make their work easier. Regardless of the competence level of an accountant, they’re only as good as the information you provide. When you ask them for direction in providing them with relevant data, documenting critical information, and organising your finances, you simplify their processes, strengthening the relationship.
  • With regards to tax season, ask the accountant if they can assist in making your current tax year better than the last. They should offer you advice with handling payments, deduction, and data collection following the constant changes in tax laws.
  • How can you assist me in managing my cash flow? Small business owners struggle with maintaining a positive cash flow, but it is an essential skill for a growing operation. A knowledgeable accountant will point out your problems and provide solutions to better manage the situation.

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